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Our Philosophy

There are two aspects to “Moving You Forward”: Holistic assessment and client-centric service. Too often in financial assessment, variables are overlooked and ignored.


Here at Mirabel, we strive to understand your financial situation as a whole in order to adequately identify your needs and create a personalized plan to successfully move you forward.

Our goal is to provide effective solutions designed to boost your personal and business plans and to assist in achieving those goals. Our consultants design tailored solutions to ensure you achieve your dreams of success.


Nik Lemieux

Strategic Consultant, CEO

I am an entrepreneur by nature and see value in all experiences. I founded Mirabel Management Inc. in 2014. My team and I strive to help our clients take control of their finances and work towards a prosperous future. I continue to enjoy shaping the future of Mirabel and overseeing the growth of our wonderful customer base. When I’m not in the office I love traveling, wine tastings and cross country skiing.

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